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Morphyx: The Concept



Morphyx is a concept for a HD multimedia touchscreen display bundled with plenty of battery juice, additional memory extension and great sound. 

Morphyx will offer a modular extension option for smartphones for a significantly lower price than a top of the range tablet while preserving the display resolution and adding more memory with both optional internal memory and with optional best-in-class Lexar UHS II memory cards  (microSD) with standard fitted Lexar readers.   

Plug and Play

Plug your Android or Apple mobile to the Morphyx tablet with one of the dedicated dongles that come packed with the tablet, (four pairs of magnets will keep your mobile stuck to it), and it will come to life with the mobile screen projected on Morphyx. 


You will then access all your mobile  functions on the Morphyx's touchscreen. 

Why Morphyx?

Top of the range iPads and Samsungs carry  a $800 to $900 price tag. We will offer the same screen resolution and matching memory size from the same components manufacturers for half the price.


Morphyx will pack AMOLED HD screens and at least 64 GB of memory, with optional 128GB and 256GB memory, accessible from your mobile. 



Slashing the Redundancy


Morphyx' price will be possible by cutting the processor, Wi-Fi and 4G modules, reducing the build complexity and will be your mobile's multimedia and memory expansion peripheral companion.

One single application installation, one update and no syncs.

Will It Work ?

We rely on a proven partner solution for seamless connectivity between the multimedia display and the smartphone. 

Change your mobile, why change your tablet? 


You change your mobile every two or three years; you shouldn't change your tablet as well; we will update the drivers  to ensure you will make good use of your mobile.


Size Matters
We intend to offer a choice of two screen sizes: 8'', 10''. 
Colours and Colors
The 'Morph' will come in two basic colours: Gun Metal and Lightning Silver.
If none of these colours satisfy your preferences, we will offer optional tuning with metallic colours, from Fire Red to Azure Blue.
The tuning is made of a high performance cast, identical to the one used by airliners for livery and logos, so fully tested for water and stain resistant. 





 Important Note
The iPhone 4S in the concept artist's impression is for exemplifications purposes only; there is no association between Morphyx  and Apple or any Apple owned products.
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